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Milwaukie. Oregon U.S.A.

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How do we make them?

Don say's, "One at a time..."

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Some folks think that as far as beds go there is no service. Here at Bunk Beds West we think of service as soon as the phone rings or the email is received. We try to establish as soon as possible the needs of you, the customer. How do we do that? We ask questions that lead us to your goal. Do you need more space for play? Need another bed for a second or third person in a room? Is the bed needed for visiting relatives? How big are the sleepers?, beach cabin?, adults or teens? Every bit of information helps us to help you select the right bed for your needs.

Service continues as we deliver and set up your bed here in the Portland , OR Metro area. Service is what we do when you specify what kind of mattress you need for your particular application. Just think, would you pay more than $500.00 for a child's mattress or only $50.00 for a mattress that a very large person with back problems will be using. Again, our service is making sure that you will still be happy with your bed many years from now.

Please take a few minutes and drop us a line or give us a call so we can prove or commitment to serving your needs.

Don Simenson
Bunk Beds West


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We opened a tiny shop with a simple philosophy: Treat everyone as a friend and give them real value for their dollar! Since those humble beginnings, we have become sucessful in delivering our customers custom made bunk beds.
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