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Milwaukie. Oregon U.S.A.

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Some folks think that as far as beds go there is no service. Here at Bunk Beds West we think of service as soon as the phone rings or the email is received.

Here in my shop the job starts by helping you to choose the bed that will meet your needs for many years to come. Once we have come up with the right bed and mattress to fit your needs you choose the right color of stain to make your bed your very own. After all the up front decisions are made I make a trip to my wood supplier. Some times I need to visit several suppliers in order to select only the best material available for your bed. [ more... ]

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Why We Started Making Bunk Beds

Milwaukie, Oregon U.S.A.

Bunk Beds West was started in 1998 thanks to a couple of my grandchildren needing bunk beds. I was going through the same thing that you are facing now. Driving from store to store looking for a sturdy bunk bed set that really meet all of the safety standards and fit the budget. There are really beautiful beds out there but the prices will scare off most folks. Then you start looking at the basic structure and find processed particle woods and undersize fasteners. Some other manufacturers build sturdy beds but do not fully sand and finish leaving a surface that can look and feel terrible.

What to Look for in a Bunkbed

We offer top quality furniture, and while it’s great quality for the price, we’re not a “discount” furniture store. We pride ourselves on our high quality furniture and attentive customer service. You may order your bedroom furniture or any furniture as a set or a-la-carte. Choose different pieces of furniture to make your own style if you wish. If you’d like assistance in making a design decision, give us a call 503-654-1905. We’re happy to offer you a balanced selection of prices and styles. Find your style; find comfortable furniture that’s sturdy; find the best in Bunk Beds West.

You may order your bunk beds or any furniture as a set or a-la-carte. If you’d like assistance in making a design decision, please just give us a call 503-654-1905

E-mail: bunkbedswest@comcast.net

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In 1998, we started building Bunk Beds in the Portland Oregon area with a simple philosophy: Treat everyone as a friend and give them real value for their dollar! Since those humble beginnings, we have become sucessful in delivering our customers custom made bunk beds.

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